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GABSC Youth Club and Mindfulness Resources for Kids and Teens!


Prepare our youth for a lifetime of ethical choices by instilling Buddhist values of compassion, wisdom and joy.


  • Harmony with all living beings

  • Respecting the property and boundaries of others.

  • Treat your body as sacred. Treasure the trust in relationships.

  • Honoring the truth. Keeping your word. Authenticity

  • Developing a clear mind.

Hello dear friends,

If you are interested in joining the GABSC Youth Club, please email us at gabuddhistcamp at gmail dot com. Thank you.

Peace & Metta,

GABSC Committee 

Resources for Children and Youth:

Guan Yin Buddha Childrens Book

"Guan Yin: The Buddha's Helper," has won the 2019 SILVER NAUTILUS BOOK AWARD!

Guan Yin - The Buddha's Helper is a delightful book on how children can call on Guan Yin when they are sick, afraid, lonely, lose someone they love, get angry or have trouble with friends. She is always there like the part inside us that is wise and kind.

Known to stand on the head of a dragon to save ships at sea, she also heals with her willow branch and protects children and animals with her loving-kindness. Above all, she radiates peace and kindness in the world. The simplicity of her being and the prayers to her are profound, and along with the exquisite illustrations, make this a book one to be cherished by both children and adults.

(You can also get it on Amazon)

Resources for Mindfulness and Children, and Buddhist Youth activities and books!

Buddhism for Kids!
A great site with mindful activities as well as easy explanations on meditation and Buddhism, for ages Pre-K to grown-ups!

Bodhi Light Tales
A podcast that offers weekly Buddhist tales of wisdom for mindful people on the go. Created by Fo Guang Shan Taiwan.
Find Bodhi Light Tales on Facebook and Youtube, and listen to their podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and several other platforms!

Jataka Tales (Buddhist stories):

Online from Chung Tai Chan Monastery:

Children's books for purchase from Dharma Publishing (Tibetan Buddhist tradition):

Children's book set for purchase:
The text-only version is free online at Access To Insight:

Free books and coloring pages downloads from BuddhaNet:

Resources for Young Adults
College students and learners of all ages unless specified

Introduction to Buddhism for Students and Young Professionals:

Young Adults Explore Buddhism: American Buddhist nun Ven. Thubten Chodron will lead an annual young adults retreat (under age 30)  in person and online this year in June. To join, please visit

Meditation Podcast with Ven. Heng Sure
All welcome to listen to this weekly podcast!

Online Classes and Retreats open to the Public by
Dharma Realm Buddhist University

Scholarships for Graduating High School Seniors with Financial Need from Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation:

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